We shared this article on LinkedIn several months ago which outlines the issues our road networks face: congestion, road quality, the slowing decline in our road death toll, the impact commutes have on the mental health of drivers and now, a looming issue with funding as the rise of electric vehicles sees a fall in the fuel excise revenue the government receives.

Road reform is a hot potato for politicians– a long term overhaul is required as the fuel tax from the bowser benefits those who can afford more fuel efficient cars and places more of a burden on those who must drive decades old cars that guzzle fuel.

As the article shares, the revenue the government receives from fuel excise is almost equal to what is spent on road infrastructure. With the increased popularity of electric cars that don’t rely on expensive fuel, that revenue is set to decrease unless the national roads policy is addressed. That policy structure had various ideas raised as a solution, including motorists being charged based on the kilometres they travel, a congestion tax to deter entry into busy areas during peak times and possibly an emissions or air quality tax.

Unfortunately the government has recently announced it is shelving the inquiry into road reform citing its complexity and long term nature so for now, the status quo remains.

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