As cities begin to cautiously re-open, we see a renewed focus on local travel and some of our most popular international visitor destinations now look to welcome back domestic trade.

Popular harbour and beachside suburbs, city-based destinations entertainment and shopping districts all have one thing in common: a need for convenient, accessible visitor parking.

Where multiple car park operators compete in similar destination areas, parking availability signage is often confined to outside each asset, forcing motorists to have to know in advance where they’re going and often left hoping there’s an available parking bay when and where they need one.

With Park Agility’s precinct signage solution, whole regions and congested precinct areas can be transformed to provide area-wide, real time information on parking availability in multiple carparks (privately or publicly owned) and/or on street parking with dynamic directional signage placed at key decision points for major traffic flows into the area.

Unrestricted by location due to cloud server access, precinct signage can be updated in real time with dynamic messaging. Parking availability, directional guidance, congestion notifications can all help drivers understand where to go and where to avoid.

Parking availability data can be shared on key access roads leading into a locale, not just outside carparks, to guide drivers conveniently and promptly to available parking. This simple solution contributes enormously to visitor experience, particularly during busy periods, as parking availability is known in advance and directional guidance is provided without the need for drivers to take their eyes off the road.

Congestion eases as cars no longer travel at a crawl speed searching for available bays, or slowly re-orient and re-navigate for alternative parking if their original, known choice was unavailable.

Precinct signage solutions are relatively inexpensive infrastructure investments that can really make a difference for the community and help to get the economy moving again. We know that ease of parking is a key driver when choosing where to shop, eat and visit. Precinct signage takes away the headache of parking in a well-visited destination, creating an enjoyable visitor experience and encouraging return visits, with customers confident in their ability to get where they want to go.

For more information on precinct signage solutions, read about how the Northern Beaches Council and ICC Darling Harbour Precinct incorporated technology to minimise congestion for visitors and residents alike. Or contact us to have a chat about your area’s needs.

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