Technology continues to disrupt traditional operations across our whole world. The goal? To enhance the user experience, safety, and lifestyle, and to gather rich data for future decision making. Car parking technology does all of these things.

Cities are more liveable, less congested and safer when car parking technology is used in a wide range of facilities – retail, commercial, residential, healthcare, travel and transportation hubs.

So how does it work?

Parking bay sensors transmit occupation status in real time to a software management system. This changes the colour of the indicator light in the bay and updates the internal wayfinding signage which show the number of available bays . This saves time for drivers, who are guided directly to available parking bays and reduces parking stress.

The same data is transmitted to the car park management team via on-screen status maps and structured reports.  It helps asset managers improve efficiency. Parking bays stay empty for less time, and circling is reduced leading to less congestion and pollution.  Data reports enable predictions of usage thus allowing optimisation of different parking categories during peak times.

A parking management system can also assist with minimising infringements and parking violations as reporting and alerts can be set to advise of overstays, incorrect bay usage and any misuse of payment systems.

External signage outside a parking asset assists drivers by advising of parking availability prior to entry. Typically, drivers overestimate bay occupation, believing a parking garage to be full when in fact there are parking bays available. This means reduced revenue for asset managers and owners. The win-win solution is providing drivers information about parking availability in advance. Of course, this is dependent on an accurate and reliable system and the technology used is important.

Outdoor parking can also utilise parking management systems by configuring magnetic loop and beam-based sensor technologies. This system will track entry and exit points, transmitting data to way finding signage to alert drivers about availability. It also provides rich data to parking management teams on occupancy. For larger indoor parking facilities this can be a cost-effective way to manage a restricted budget whilst still providing the benefits of a parking management system.

As technologies continue to evolve, so too will the efficiencies and capabilities of parking management systems, enabling cities and parking facilities to better serve the people who live and work in them.

Reach out to discuss how our parking technology can help optimise your assets now and in the future.

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