There are currently many hard, financial decisions to make as our cities slow down. Yet for car park owners there’s never been a better time to set yourself up to improve future yield and congestion. Improving your car park asset is also a worthy infrastructure investment for Local and State Governments looking to stimulate the economy, protect Australian jobs and deliver long term community benefit.

Across the country many car parks sit half empty and normally bustling precinct areas are quiet. We don’t know for how long this will last but the community will start to return to normal behaviours eventually.

At Park Agility we choose to remain positive and productive.  With this mindset we recognise that under-utilisation of car parks and precinct areas represents an unprecedented opportunity to implement new Parking Guidance Solutions (PGS) and wayfinding signage solutions at a reduced cost.  

The reason for this is simple; empty car parks or precinct areas can have PGS and signage installed during normal work hours and much more rapidly. The ability to shut off entire car park levels, without disrupting operations, accelerates installation saving both time and money. Significant labour savings are garnered by avoiding costly night shift work.

It is also worth noting that the last decade has seen solid industry growth in uptake of PGS and Wayfinding Signage Solutions.  There are good reasons for this, customers save time and avoid frustration. The public clearly prefers to use facilities and precinct areas that have PGS and Wayfinding Signage solutions because it makes their daily lives easier.  For Councils and asset owners, this preference translates to reduced traffic congestion in precinct areas plus increased customer satisfaction, asset usage and revenues. The Park Agility team can help you achieve these outcomes. And now is a strangely ideal time to invest.

The Park Agility team offers decades of car park management expertise, parking technology transformation and the implementation of hundreds of car park infrastructure projects nationally. As we continue to implement projects, our work methods and safety protocols have been carefully adjusted to ensure stringent safety.  We are proudly Australian owned and stand behind our PGS which we believe to be the most accurate on the market.

If you've been thinking about parking guidance, call us for a chat about your needs on 02 8488 3333 or send us a message.

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