Installing parking guidance systems (PGS) are becoming more common among commercial car parking facilities because the benefits for asset owners and managers are multiple.

• Car parks that install a parking guidance solution typically report improved customer satisfaction almost immediately. Respecting the customer’s experience by saving them time and stress is a win for ensuring return business.

• When it comes to a PGS, accuracy matters. Park Agility’s parking guidance solutions boast infrared sensor technology with >99% accuracy, providing real time occupancy data that helps asset managers improve car park optimisation. In addition, accurate data means wayfinding signage and highly visible per-bay indicator lights are correctly updated, ensuring drivers are only being guided to available parking bays and not to an already occupied space.

• A parking guidance system helps asset owners optimise their parking mix with dynamic multi-coloured sensor lights making various parking bays – such as wheelchair accessible, pram and electric charging bays - available at different times of day. Real time reporting also allows for notification and management of overstays and of incorrect bay occupation, for example residents parking in a public parking area for extended periods instead of in assigned residential bays.

• As reducing our carbon footprint increases in importance, the reduction in congestion and exhaust fumes that comes from no longer circling car parks but being directly guided to availability becomes valuable, especially for those asset managers looking to achieve a higher green star rating for their property.

• Park Agility’s easily adaptable way-finding signage ensures our customers can tailor the use of their parking guidance system. In this case study, Dee Why RSL use different areas of their car park for different parking users at various times of day, optimising both the carpark’s use and their customer’s parking experience.

• Installing a parking guidance system need not be a headache. Our fast installation process is facilitated by local assembly and flexible timings that work around our clients’ business operations. As an Australian based organisation, on-going service and maintenance occurs in your time zone and our experienced team offer over 75 years of experience in the parking industry, meaning we understand your challenges.

Still not convinced? Contact us for site tours, technical specs, trusted advice and local references to ensure our parking guidance system helps optimise your commercial parking asset.

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