Bankstown Sports Club is a popular, well-established club in the south west of Sydney.  It is one ofthe largest clubs in NSW offering a vast range of facilities to its members and their guests.

The Club enjoys high visitor numbers, and its facilities include multiple restaurants, bars, cafes, and gaming lounges. It also has a theatre catering for concerts and live shows.

Whilst the Club has a large, 5-level car park with over 1200 parking bays, it has suffered from congestion during peak times. Park Agility were engaged by Bankstown Sports Club to install our market leading individual bay sensors and indicator lights, plus our latest wayfinding signage solution throughout this large car park with the intent to reduce circling traffic congestion and to improve their customers’ experience by making entering, parking, and exiting as efficient and easy as possible.

The project included the installation of over 40 large internal wayfinding signs used to guide drivers with an accurate, real-time count of the number of available parking bays; and showcase parking categories such as disabled and EV designated parking spaces.

Our wayfinding signs also feature additional dynamic messaging capabilities, allowing the Club’s marketing department to promote upcoming events and for the operations team to highlight important safety and community messages, as required. This ticker-tape style messaging capability combines with bay count and directional information to optimise the functionality of, and investment in, the car park’s wayfinding signage.

In addition, the Club’s car park offers a reserved section for local businesses to use during office hours. To differentiate this section,orange ‘Reserved’ lights appear above each individual bay when reserved during core business hours; additionally at this time, those bays are not included in the way finding signage count. Critically however, outside of core business hours and particularly on weekends, these lights move to a green indicator and are included in the available parking bay count and increase the number of  bays available for the club’s customers.

With its community and member focus, Bankstown Sports Club has improved the experience of its visitors and additionally worked towards reduced emissions, by helping drivers to navigate their large car park more easily.

Park Agility again at the forefront of parking “faster, smarter, greener” with their clients.

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