The Brindabella Business Park is located 10 minutes from the ACT’s CBD, within the Canberra airport precinct. The Precinct provides office, meeting, retail and accommodation facilities for businesses, their clients, shoppers and travellers, as well as several thousand parking bays across multiple car parks.

Park Agility were engaged to install a parking guidance solution at Car Parks 3, 4, 5 and 9. The solution incorporates Infrared sensor, laser and loop counting technologies as well as way finding signage, to assist customers with finding an available parking bay on what is a very large floor plate. The project implementation took place between October 2019 and January 2020.

The undercover parking facilities now employ sensors in each individual parking bay to count occupancy and display availability using coloured indicator lighting. Using this sensor technology, accurate data is sent to way finding signage in real time, guiding drivers to available parking locations quickly. In today’s dynamic business environment, reducing the need to circle the car park searching for somewhere to park is a benefit to Brindabella’s tenants, visitors and hotel guests.

The open-air parking facilities operate laser counting points and over a dozen multi-loop count points to supply accurate vehicle movement and bay utilisation data. For this section of the project, the Park Agility team were able to link to the car park’s existing boom gate loops and send the data back to the Sense IQ management system. This saved duplication of hardware that already existed within the facility, enabling the car park owner to reduce costs.

Brindabella offers a range of flexible parking options for its customers, including daily, weekly and monthly parking; monthly and annual pass cards allowing multiple entry and exits throughout the day; and premium executive parking with designated bays for card holders. In addition, short stay zones and disability bays are also available. The precinct signage located outside the car park facilities displays availability prior to drivers entering the facility, providing immediate assurance they will be able to find a suitable space to leave their vehicle.

Park Agility’s Parking Guidance Solution extends Brindabella’s real competitive advantage for efficient, available parking with the system across the entire precinct allowing for optimisation of the parking mix, improved asset yield and satisfied, loyal parking customers.

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