Chatswood Place is a cosmopolitan blend of residential apartments, retail, dining and commercial precinct. Opened in October 2018, it offers premium facilities for residents and visitors including private gardens, al fresco dining and a childcare centre.

With a multi-purpose carpark for use by both residents and retail customers, Park Agility were appointed to install a full parking guidance system with sensors in each of the 230 parking bays to assist with guidance, efficiency and monitoring.

The brief included a requirement for additional functionality, designating a certain number of spaces to be allocated as drop off/pick up bays for the childcare centre between certain periods of time each day. This flexible feature was incorporated using sensor lighting that can be programmed to change colour according to the time of day, clearly indicating which bays are available for short term stays as opposed to extended day parking. Accompanying signage guides users to the parking bays they need according to their activity, maximising efficiency and availability.

The SenseIQ parking management system offers the ability to monitor the use of each bay and delivers real time data to the asset manager in two ways: by changing the colour of the parking bay sensor providing a visual cue and also sending an alert to a specified destination to advise of overstays in designated areas.

The PGS installed at Chatswood Place optimises the experience of customers, parents and residents, enabling them to find an available car parking bay within minutes of entering the facility, ensuring smooth traffic flow and reducing congestion and time delays.

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