Five Dock Square is a mixed-use development containing residential apartments, a supermarket, restaurant and a public library. It offers commercial parking for 163 cars, including 14 disabled parking bays, over two levels for members of the public who are utilising the supermarket, restaurant and library facilities.

Prior to the parking guidance system being installed, issues arose with residential vehicles parking and remaining in the public car parking area for prolonged periods. This impacted the availability of parking bays for the supermarket, restaurant and library customers by reducing the turnover of parking bays throughout the day. There was also a lack of utilisation of the lower level parking bays which includes all the disabled parking bays.

Opting predominantly for a loop counting solution which counts the number of cars coming in and out of the carpark; high visibility, full colour LED signage now displays bay availability for the convenience of shoppers and library patrons.

To better monitor and communicate parking on the lower level, all standard and disabled bays on the lower level are fitted with PGS sensors. Carpark management now have visibility into length of stay and receive occupancy reports, allowing them to check bays that have been utilised for longer periods. License plate information then enables them to monitor residents' behaviour, freeing the bay for its intended use. The sensors also feed information to the display signage outside the carpark, highlighting the availability of standard and disabled parking bays for the general public.

Five Dock Square’s new parking guidance system has improved the parking experience of the general public including disabled bay users by providing timely information on availability, reducing delays and optimising efficiency. For the facility managers, reporting and alerts allow management of the parking bays, ensuring they are being used for the purpose they were designed. Furthermore, as an ongoing partner in maintenance and service, Park Agility can assist with upgrades to extend the use and efficiency of sensor technology on the site as and when required.

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