When it feels like home to park

If you've ever shopped in a home centre you know that wrangling large and heavy purchases to your car isn't fun. Less fun when the centre is near a major transport route and hospital and prime car spaces are taken by non-customers or staff. 

Home HQ Artamon car park is 434 bays across 3 levels. Bay availability was often compromised by overstays. Park Agility's project lead, Tony Johnson, consulted closely with the Home HQ centre management team on solutions including a parking guidance solution, a change in traffic flow and more aisle signage to direct traffic.  Installation was seamless with no interruption to car park operations or store revenue.

"Projects like this one can often be very drawn out process impacting negatively on the retail centre in a number of ways. Thankfully this was not our experience."


Car park overstays are now managed effortlessly as the individual bay, Easy Guide sensors change from red to white when a car overstays a specified time.   Overstays and other useful data about customer parking behaviour is conveyed real-time to Centre Management through the Sense IQ Management System.  The Sense IQ data also revealed negatively impacting staff parking behaviours. For the first time Centre Management had measurable data on issues that they could now manage.  

"We have had many positive comments from visitors to Home HQ…it makes their Home HQ overall shopping experience a better one."


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