Marina Square is a two-level shopping centre that sits at the base of an 800-apartment block   located in Sydney’s Wentworth Point. Owned by Billbergia property group, the facility includes a blend of retail outlets, a medical hub, community art space and dining facilities designed to meet the needs of the residential community in Wentworth Point as well as the surrounding communities of Newington and Rhodes.

The newly constructed centre offers three levels of parking comprising 550 bays for visitors to the high-end shopping centre. With a philosophy of creating communities and bearing in mind the expected growth in population over the coming decade, Billbergia’s goal with this parking guidance installation was to ensure the facility looked and performed at its best to ensure an optimum experience for the local population and to maximise the availability of parking bays for their retail tenants and the shopping public.  

The chosen solution for Marina Square was the installation of Park Agility’s Parking Guidance Solution (PGS). The system offers signage on every level to advise parking bay availability and various sensor colours illustrate the differing bay types.

Catering to the community’s needs, pram bays are highlighted with a pink/purple sensor to direct busy parents to available parking and for the increasingly environmentally aware, the yellow-painted charge bays for electric vehicles have been matched with a yellow sensor light for clear identification by drivers.

Opened in November 2018, Park Agility was able to complete the project to client specification thanks to our efficient installation method and experienced team. Our regular maintenance program will ensure the system continues to provide optimum traffic flow, assisting customers to find an available car parking bay within minutes of entering the facility saving time, fuel and reducing congestion.

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