The Northern Hospital is a public health provider in Melbourne’s outer north. It has 400 beds and serves the surrounding Melbourne suburbs as well as parts of country Victoria.

To improve the staff parking facilities, the State government appointed Kane Constructions to design and construct a new multi-deck car park. Featuring 6 levels and over 1100 parking bays, the new facility allows staff to park quickly and conveniently, particularly during shift change periods, ensuring they are not late to start work or having to park far away from their workplace.

Park Agility worked with the Kane Constructions team to install signage and area counting, providing accurate bay availability information to staff on arrival. With count points at entry and exit points on each level using magnetic induction loops to track vehicle movements and update the SenseIQ management system. Count points have been configured to respond to varying driving patterns and behaviours to ensure accurate data is collected. The SenseIQ management system then sends regular updates to wayfinding signage.

The car park has signage on each level advising drivers of parking availability on the levels above, as well as an entry sign that can be seen before entering the facility, allowing drivers to see immediately on which level available parking bays are located.

A cost-effective parking system for tax payers, that saves time for frontline workers and reduces circling, stress and congestion, ensuring a smooth start to each shift.

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