Waverley Council had an existing system of inground sensors and precinct signage that required an upgrade to more reliable technology. Council operates five open air car parks in the area – three at Bondi Beach, one in Victoria St, Bondi and another in Bronte.

Working alongside Duncan Solutions who installed over 850 ground-based sensors across the five locations, Park Agility have installed six (6) wayfinding signs (including one solar powered) along Campbell Parade, the Bondi beach front; another in Victoria St and one at Bronte Cutting. All signs are designed to receive data from the in-ground sensors and display parking availability and directional signage to beachgoers, tourists, and locals in the busy Bondi area.

The signs are mounted on light poles to take advantage of existing infrastructure and run off the power within them. In Bondi the streetlights are on timed power which controls the whole suburb, so to ensure the signs would also display during the day our electrical team implemented a battery that fits inside the signs and charges overnight when the power is on. In the evening, the signs run off the mains power to the streetlights and during the day, the signs run off the battery that has been charged overnight.

This use of existing infrastructure is cost effective, minimises disruption to the local area and avoids the time delays often associated with connecting new signs to the grid.

Complementing this project, Park Agility made upgrades to the existing sign we supplied on Hollywood Ave. This precinct sign continues to identify the number of available parking bays in the Hollywood Ave and Eastgate Shopping Centre carparks. By adding a panel to the sign, a third occupancy panel shares an aggregate of the availability at the Bondi Beach carparks. In addition, an information panel can now display COVID updates, daily parking rates (early bird, weekend rates etc) or any other localised Council announcements. The information panel is easily updated as needed and provides additional information to the public.  

By continuing to utilise up to date, accurate and reliable technology, Waverley Council optimise their assets by addressing the parking pain points in one of Sydney’s busiest areas and enhance the customer experience of visitors to the area.

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