Westpoint is ‘the home of shopping’ in Greater Western Sydney. It is a large, multi-level centre offering over 250 major and specialty retailers, entertainment options including a cinema, bowling, and arcade games plus an indoor/outdoor dining precinct with cuisine from around the world.

With a focus on providing experiences that fulfil the needs and aspirations of the Blacktown’s diverse community, QIC recently partnered with Park Agility to introduce parking guidance technology across 4300 bays in the centre’s carpark.

The Park Agility team delivered in excess of 3300 bay sensors and indicator lights across six levels of the carpark, laser-based sensors and magnetic resonance loops on the rooftop and over 230 wayfinding signs, indicating parking availability.

Technology packages were supplied for wayfinding signs that were built by OMG! and designed by Strategic Spaces. These signs and wayfinding messages show drivers the number of available bays and direction to travel at key decision points throughout the carpark.

On the carpark’s rooftop, which houses over 750 bays, 10 count points have been installed enabling the Park Agility management system to keep an accurate count of vehicles passaging between rooftop areas irrespective of the direction of travel. In addition, 39 rooftop disability bays have been fitted with individual bay detection using laser-based sensors. These technologies combine to provide accurate, up to date data about outdoor parking availability by parking category which is communicated to drivers via the signage solution installed.

External and Entry signs supplied by OMG! also include sign technology packages provided by Park Agility. These various wayfinding messages provide information for drivers prior to entry to the centre, enable customers to know bay availability in different levels/areas and helping them to find parking as conveniently as possible.

Westpoint is designed to offer a one-stop shopping and entertainment district for residents and visitors alike. Well served by public transport and major road networks, its parking facility now offers up to date technology to ensure the customer experience is smooth, efficient, and enjoyable from start to finish.

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