Constitution Place is a centrally located, 12-level precinct owned by Capital Property Group. It houses commercial offices, government departments, and the A by Adina hotel, plus dining and retail offerings, a gym, and other amenities.

Having worked on the parking technology requirements for the group’s Brindabella Business Park properties, Park Agility were delighted to once again work with Capital Property Group installing parking guidance and external signage for the Constitution Place precinct.

With over 550 parking bays across 4 basement levels, the individual bay sensors and parking guidance system has been incorporated to monitor and optimise the use of permanent, standard, and disabled bays for permit holders, hotel guests and casual users.

External signage notifies drivers of parking availability prior to entry into the precinct’s car park facility and internal signage serves as a guide to drivers, indicating the location of available parking bays.

In addition, internal signage provides safety messages for drivers at key locations. For example, the Park Agility SenseIQ management system also monitors the loading dock and common access driveway.  External signage advises incoming trucks if the loading dock is already in use or available before they commit to the laneway. Internal signage also advises drivers exiting the car park to be aware of entering trucks.

With Park Agility’s focus on accuracy and reliability, the parking technology installed at Constitution Place will help Capital Property Group to manage the different parking categories the precinct caters for. The SenseIQ management system offers complete configurability and control, allowing the management team to track and plan for bay occupation and vehicle transit events within the car park.

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