Cabra-Vale Diggers is a large, community social club located in Canley Vale in Sydney’s south west. It offers its members a selection of entertainment, function and dining options and supports a wide range of non-profit organisations in the local community.

Currently undergoing a 5-stage redevelopment to upgrade and expand its facilities, Park Agility was selected to assist with the parking guidance requirements of the club’s parking facilities.

The club’s management see its carparks as key to the success of their operations and Park Agility were awarded the project due to their ability to meet the existing brief and offer solutions for the future as the club’s redevelopment moves through its multiple stages. Making parking as efficient and simple as possible ensures members can enjoy the club’s amenities without delay.

The first stage involved installing a parking guidance system (PGS) in the existing multi-deck car park. The two undercover levels have had sensors installed in each bay and use the familiar red and green lights to signal occupancy or availability. Way-finding signage and accurate bay counts ensure drivers are directed to available parking spaces quickly upon entering.

The outside top level of the carpark uses loop counting technology, which has assisted patrons greatly. “Previously our members would avoid driving to the top deck if they believed the car park was full. This left both empty bays and unhappy members so the signage that now displays how many available spaces there are on that top level help overcome that,” says Club management. “The response from members has been very positive, they love it.”

Installation of the parking guidance solution was smooth, management maintains. “We had to amend the original brief as the drawings changed, and the Park Agility team were very flexible. They also offered plenty of notice when closing particular parts of the car park for installation which meant we could advise our members accordingly.”

The accurate data provided by the SenseIQ management system is also saving the Club time. Before the PGS was installed, patrolling security guards would conduct a manual car park count to manage demand and supply of parking bays between community and member use of the car park asset. Now, with real-time reporting and, over time, historic data, the Club will be able to optimise its car parking asset and plan functions and events around this information to ensure ease of parking for members and their guests.

In the coming stages of redevelopment, Park Agility are looking forward to assisting Cabra-Vale Diggers further, providing parking guidance in additional car parks; sensor lights that can change according to use (members, community use, assisted parking etc) and time of day to ensure optimisation of what they rightly consider to be an important part of their service offering.

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