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Our signage refrain is: any size, any location, any message.

The future of signage is highly configurable and dependable. Flexible, efficient and effective for end users,  whole regions and congested precinct areas can be updated in real time and dynamic, directional signage can be placed at key decision points to influence traffic flow. Accurate, up to the minute and smart – that’s the future of parking signage.

Infinitely Configurable

High LED count paired with Sense IQ Management System gives limitless versatility. Full colour images.

Any Message

Parking availability. Event traffic management. Fire evacuation. Parking specials - whatever you need. Display, save and schedule multiple messages.

Any Size

Multiple display windows within any size sign saves space and cost. Future proof your signs and investment.

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Tailored and Reliable

Designed to be robust for local conditions. Configured and assembled to your exact size specifications.

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Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with all major access control systems using advanced API engineering designed and developed by us.

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Quick & Easy

Easily program real-time parking availability or schedule messages across peak times and events. Manual override for emergency messaging.

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