Vehicles stuck in traffic release unnecessary emissions as they sit idle with the engine running, and continue to pollute as they then travel to locate parking.

Deploying solutions that prevent idle traffic can include setting up parking guidance and wayfinding signage, to allow drivers to head exactly where they want to go, instead of circling and driving aimlessly – and getting stuck in congested traffic.

Incorporating parking and congestion management as part of your local government’s action plan to reduce emissions can not only help the environment, but also create cleaner and greener cities.

In this whitepaper, discover how wayfinding aids can help local governments reduce emissions by tackling congestion in busy public areas.

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Park Agility use infrared, laser and magnetic resonance sensors for >99% accuracy. Fail safes are built in to ensure customers can rely on the data you display.

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Fast Installation

Fast, non-disruptive installation. Highly reliable and consultative project management. Your installation is in the hands of trusted industry advisors.

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Tailored and Reliable

Designed to be robust for local conditions. Configured and assembled to your exact size specifications.

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Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with all major access control systems using advanced API engineering designed and developed by us.

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Quick and Easy

Easily program real-time parking availability or schedule messages across peak times and events. Manual override for emergency messaging.

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Simple yet powerful custom reports delivered how and when you want them. Real time images of all signage displays. No data clutter - keeping it simple. Quality parking guidance data for quality decision making.

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