Park Agility are delighted to announce a partnership with SONAH GmbH, German provider of camera-based sensor products and solutions. This industry-leading, camera-based solution utilises both edge processing and cloud-based processing involving sophisticated Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and can be used for traffic monitoring, vehicle counting, parking enforcement and as a key component in a parking guidance system.  

The partnership adds to Park Agility’s range of products and solution offerings, which include multiple sensors; parking guidance systems; wayfinding signage; area and loop counting technologies; and precinct signage solutions.

Bringing to Australia a camera-based technology solution that complies with stringent GDPR privacy standards adds sought after capability. Data can be supplied to Park Agility’s SenseIQ management system that provides accurate, real-time information on occupancy and usage without adding to privacy concerns.

With a firm focus on accuracy and reliability, Park Agility’s customised approach to parking solutions takes into consideration the physical environment; asset size and complexity; operating costs and budgets; plus client-specific requirements and expectations. By incorporating a camera-based solution to our service offering, we continue to provide innovative, robust, and accurate technologies to both privately and publicly owned, on and off-street parking assets.

Talk to us today about camera-based solutions to improve your car park monitoring capabilities.

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