A parking guidance system (PGS) helps people to efficiently find an available parking spot at several levels of their journey and each is important. It is a quiet achiever that is largely underestimated as a solution to managing congestion and circling traffic.

The core components of a Park Agility parking guidance system include:

·       SenseIQ Management Server,

·       Controllers & Bay Sensors / Indicators for individual bays,

·       Area count controllers and sensors,

·       Internal Wayfinding Signs, and

·       External Wayfinding Signs,

Each element plays its part in creating a positive experience for drivers and a useful tool for asset owners and managers to optimise their asset and revenues.


SenseIQ Management Server
The heart of the PGS, SenseIQ is apowerful software-based management solution designed to capture and make sense of a high volume of data. It receives status data from sensors in under a minute and processes that into usable information that is sent to signage for the benefit of drivers. It provides drill down reporting capacity on both live and historical information to help optimise the use of the carpark. An always-evolving resource, SenseIQ has been built to integrate with existing infrastructure, provide accurate data and reporting and receive new functionality and features with ease.

Controllers and Bay Sensors
Park Agility has designed and developed multiple control boards and integrated several alternative sensor technologies, including LiDAR, Infrared, magnetic resonance and camera-based sensors. Developing our own firmware and back-end software ensures complete control and the sensitivity and configurability to ensure accuracy in the capture of bay occupation and vehicle transit events.

Area Count Controllers and Sensors
These counting solutions are useful for outdoor or rooftop parking spaces or any large car parking areas where the cost of per-bay parking guidance is cost prohibitive. We use magnetic resonance loops, LiDAR or Camera for area count solutions, incorporating multiple configurations of driver scenarios and analysis of multiple loops and count points to ensure a high level of accuracy.  

Internal Wayfinding Signs
These are LED signs that display multiple windows to share information with drivers about how many parking bays are available and the category of parking bay (disabled, EV, pram parking etc). Internal signs will often typically include directional arrows to guide drivers to where the available bays are located. The option for more sophisticated signage that includes pre-programmed messaging or ticker-tape style running text is also available, for safety, marketing and community information notices.

External Wayfinding Signs
External signs can be parking asset or precinct area based, incorporating data from one car park or many. Often placed at decision points on the road or at carpark facility entry points, external wayfinding signage is most likely to provide parking level and car park location information and bay availability numbers. As with internal signage, however, the possibility for additional information is endless – community service and safety announcements, parking discount offers (for example earlybird parking) and other information for visitors and drivers.


These elements that comprise a comprehensive parking guidance system, are designed to help most customers save at least a few minutes of their time plus reduce the associated congestion and emissions. Busy car parks and precincts can experience several bay turnovers per day, so the savings in time and emissions can really add up fast.

For more information on a parking guidance system customised for the need of your parking assets, talk to our team today.

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